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Check Mark   Decorative Surfaces

Decorative ConcreteConcrete designs are one of the hot new trends for concrete patios, concrete floors, entryways, countertops, pool decks and more. From expansive new homes with elaborate concrete driveways to budgeted one-room remodels showcasing a stunning, stained concrete floor, the attractionis continuing to grow when it comes to using concrete for decorating. Concrete is no longer plain, grey and boring, it is now thought of as a beautiful decorative element.

Check Mark   Acrylic Spray Decks

These decks are a replacement of the old Cool Decks/Coats. Since the core item is acrylic it has increased the application of this product to not only pool decks but patios as well. Since acrylic has more elasticity than the former portland based product it is able to minimally stretch with the concrete expanding and contracting. This product ABC doesn’t recommend for the use on driveways however. The constant vehicle traffic is a killer to this product.

Check Mark   Acid Stain

This is a fairly inexpensive way to get a little decorative with your concrete and still maintaining a classy look (personally my favorite). This application is a stain that is applied to the concrete that chemically reacts to the bare concrete once. Several coats of sealer are then applied.

Check Mark   Stamped Concrete

This is the Cadillac of decorative concrete. A pattern, decided by the homeowner, is placed into the wet concrete prior to it drying. Several coats of color are applied in its process in order to achieve a three dimensional look. Several coats of sealer are applied after.

Check Mark   Overlay

This process is offered to customers who don’t have new concrete to pour but still want the stamped look. A polymer product is placed over existing clean crack free concrete, and then the same procedure is performed as the “Stamped Concrete” option.

It is recommended that all of the aforementioned items are resealed every 5 years excluding the “Acrylic Spay Deck.”

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